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Toward a Reformed Apologetics

I haven't posted much on this blog site in the last year. I had a number of other things on my plate. One such project was a new book related to apologetics. I'm happy to announce that aside from some final rounds of editing, that book is finished and will be published in November. As you can see from the cover, the book is a critique of the apologetic system of Cornelius Van Til. In the five chapters of Part One, I have attempted to explain as clearly and concisely as possible exactly what Van Til is saying. In the five chapters of Part Two, I have explained my remaining biblical, philosophical, theological, historical, and practical concerns with Van Til's system of thought. An Appendix contains a brief work by Franciscus Junius never before translated into English. It's a rather obscure topic, but I hope those interested in that topic will find something helpful in the book.

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Todd Fernandez
Todd Fernandez
12 giu

This is exciting.

While I was not exactly converted by RC’s Defending Your Faith, I definitely repented in a life changing way after reading it. I took Christianity to be true as a total reality in all aspects of life.

Years later when someone gave me Van Til’s apologetics, I was confused by it and ended up marking it up with lots of red notes. In method, I thought he confused ontological with epistemological arguments, or the order of being with the order of knowing. This initial mistake would underly the many “presuppositional” fallacies that are embraced today by well meaning disciples. One example is his criticism of argument by “neutral" starting points. I learned from RC that there is…

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