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Ten New Books I Eagerly Await

At the end of each year, I often draw up a list of the ten books I most enjoyed reading over the previous 12 months. As we enter into the second half of 2020 and into the months when many publishers roll out new books, there are a good number of books I am really looking forward to reading. The following are ten such books scheduled to be published within the next twelve months. I have put them roughly in order of their scheduled publication.

1 -- L. Michael Morales, Exodus Old and New: A Biblical Theology of Redemption. (August 2020). Michael Morales is a good friend and a former colleague. Anyone who has read his book Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord? will know why I am looking forward to this new one.

2 -- James Eglinton, Bavinck: A Critical Biography. (September 2020). Because Bavinck.

3 -- Guy Prentiss Waters, J. Nicholas Reid, and John R. Muether, eds. Covenant Theology. (October 2020). Something like this has been needed for years. I look forward to digging into it.

4 -- J. V. Fesko, The Need for Creeds Today. (November 2020). I'm very thankful that more books on this important topic are being published. I expect this one to be one of the best.

5 -- Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley, Reformed Systematic Theology, Vol. 2. (November 2020). Volume 1 was very good, so I have no reason to doubt that the second volume will also be outstanding.

6 -- Guy Prentiss Waters, For the Mouth of the Lord Has Spoken: The Doctrine of Scripture. (November, 2020). I was not aware that this book was on the way until I started putting this blog post together. I love everything Guy Waters writes, and I expect this volume will be excellent.

7 -- Carl Trueman, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution. (November 2020). Trueman has spent years researching in an attempt to understand how we got to the point we are at today. This volume is the fruit of those labors. This will be an important book.

8 -- Paul Helm, Reforming Free Will: A Conversation on the History of Reformed Views. (November, 2020). This is another volume I did not know was in the works until I began putting this list together. It should be a good contribution to the ongoing debate.

9 -- Stephen J. Nichols, R. C. Sproul: A Life. (March 2021). I worked for Dr. Sproul at Ligonier Ministries for about twenty years before his death in 2017. He was also my pastor and a great encourager. Dr. Nichols has labored over this volume for years, so I cannot wait to see the results.

10 -- J. R. R. Tolkien, The Nature of Middle Earth, ed. Carl F. Hostetter (May 2021) – This volume is not listed on the publisher's website yet, but it is found on page 65 of the 2019 Frankfurt Bookfair catalog published by HarperCollins, and the link to that catalog is on their website. This 400 page volume will contain the remainder of Tolkien’s unpublished writings on Middle-earth. The publisher is describing it as the “unofficial fourteenth volume of The History of Middle-earth."

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