• Keith Mathison

Sophie Scholl

I don't have a separate section on this blog for movie recommendations because it seems that most screenwriters, producers, directors, and actors today are committed to glorifying the exact opposite of truth, goodness, and beauty.

There are, however, some films that I simply have to mention. Sophie Scholl is one of those rare movies that I would say is a must. It tells the true story of the 21 year-old Scholl who was caught distributing leaflets against the Nazi party in 1943. It follows her from her arrest and trial to her final day.

Her courage in the face of tyranny and terror has stuck with me ever since I first saw this film five or six years ago. Watching the film will make you want to find some books about her and her friends.

“I will cling to the rope God has thrown me in Jesus Christ,

even when my numb hands can no longer feel it."

-- Sophie Scholl --