• kmathison6

My Favorite "Blog"

I do not know how many Christian blogs exist. I do not even know how many blogs written by Christians in the Reformed tradition exist. Hundreds? Thousands? I have no idea. I follow and read several, but I'm sure I've missed some gems. My favorite "blog," however, is one whose author died in 1807. His name is John Newton.

Most people are familiar with the name of John Newton because he wrote one of the Church's most popular hymns, "Amazing Grace." His life story is quite incredible, and I would encourage all Christians to read his autobiography.

Although many are aware that Newton wrote other hymns in addition to Amazing Grace, not as many are aware that he wrote numerous letters and through them ministered to a wide variety of people, young and old alike. Reading Newton's letters is not like reading most collections of letters. The closest contemporary thing to which I can compare it is reading a blog. The letters are relatively brief. In them, Newton touches on all manner of issues and addresses them with a heart saturated in Scripture and love for Christ.

One of my favorites is a letter Newton wrote that the editor of his collected works titled On Controversy. In it, Newton counsels a fellow minister who plans to engage someone in theological controversy. I wish that all theologians and laypeople who deal with controversial topics in print or online would take five minutes to read this letter and then pray about what it says. A lot of damage that is being done to the cause of Christ could be avoided if Christians who write on controversial topics would heed Newton's advice.

If you have never read John Newton's letters before, one of the best introductions is a collection published by Banner of Truth titled, appropriately enough, Letters of John Newton.

This volume doesn't contain every letter he wrote, but it is a great introduction. For the complete collection, you would probably have to purchase the four volume set of Newton's Works (also published by Banner of Truth).

So, with apologies to all of my blogging friends, John Newton is the author of my favorite "blog." His letters are my favorite "blog posts." His wisdom and biblical insight never cease to amaze me. If you haven't already done so, I would encourage you to add his letters to your daily blog roll.