• Keith Mathison

A Radical, Comprehensive Call to Holiness by Joel Beeke & Michael Barrett

Any time Joel Beeke publishes a new book, it is a "must-read." He has spent so much time meditating on the works of the great Puritan pastors and theologians that he bleeds experiential theology. This kind of theology, a theology of heart and head, is desperately needed today. If you have never read anything by Beeke, I encourage you to do so. He will encourage you to read the Puritans. Do both.

Beeke's forthcoming 500 page volume entitled A Radical, Comprehensive Call to Holiness, looks like it will be well worth studying. The theological and practical neglect of sanctification is one of the easiest errors for Protestants who treasure the doctrine of justification by faith alone to fall into. The personal and ecclesiastical ruin caused by this neglect is staggering. We need men like Dr. Beeke to remind us that neither the Scripture nor any of the great Reformed theologians ever excused the kind of apathy (or even hostility) toward holiness that seems to be the calling card of so many professing Christians today.

Add it to the list!

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